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Gallery78 presents the best in contemporary art to our global audience through comprehensive access to programmes of leading galleries around the world.

This is complemented by Confetti, our annual art event that explores the people, ideas and events that shape art now.

Gallery78 boasts a stunningly designed urban contemporary art space. We represent some of the most talented artists, from india and abroad.

For more information on Gallery 78 contact us Email: info@gallery78.in +91 9848025184



Amanpreet Born in 1991, worked on exchange program at 'EcoleSuperieure Beaux-Arts Tours Angers' studios and exhibited in 2016. Acquired Masters in Sculpture, at KalabhavanaSantiniketan, Bachelors Degree from JNAFAU Hyderabad. Received certificate from New Earth UK for international Tagore Ceramic Dome project, organized site specific installation at France, SSVAD award from art gallery exhibition Santiniketan, attendedKondapalli toy making workshop, Bidri art workshop at Salarjung Museum HuderabadNaquashi workshop, 1st prize certificate from CMS Vatavaran-JNA&FAU, Hyderabad, attended scrap welding workshop, Docra workshop, wood carving, assisted stone carving symposium, organized children' workshops and camps.


Anjaneyulu.G - Born in 1976. Acquired Bachelors Degree in College of Fine Arts, Jawaharlal Nehru College of Fine Arts, exhibited in USA, Dubai, Cochin, Kolkatta, Banglore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, had successful 7 solo exhibitions, exhibited in selective around 30 group exhibitions. Late President Hon. Abdul Kalam appreciated his work on a personal note.


D.L.N.Reddy - Born 1949. Completed Diploma in Painting from College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad and pursued further studies in Graphic arts at Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.University of Baroda. He acquired more than 6 awards and Honours that includes a gold medal from Andhra Pradesh LalitkalaAkademy. He participated more than 40 important solo and group exhibitions, national and international workshops that includes Print Biennale United Kingdom, Graphic exhibition at Cuba, Indo-German workshop, exhibited in several West Germany cities, 9th international Triennale in Switzerland, 14th annual exhibition Australia, USA, Dubai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, Baroda, Santiniketan, Goa, Chennai, Bhopal, Himachal Pradesh. Acclaimed artist Gulam Sheikh and Art Critic GeetaKapur exhibited his works.


Gourishankar.P - Born in 1936. Acquired Diploma in Drawing and Painting from J.J.School of Art, Mumbai, and College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad,1961, Post Diploma in Portrait Painting, Hyderabad in 1962. Post Diploma in Graphics Art Specialization from M.S.University of Baroda on Andhra Pradesh LalitkalaAkademyfellowship in 1963-64. Retired as a Prof. of Art from College of Fine Arts, JNTU, Hyderabad. Recognized by LalitkalaAkademy, New Delhi as Eminent artist. Since 1958 he has been participating in many national and international art exhibitions at Poland, British international Print Biennale, International Triennale New Delhi, India Festival at Washington, USA, 2nd Asian European International Art Biennale at Ankara, Turkey, Durbar Hall Dubai, Millennium show 2000 by Royal Society of Painters and Printmakers, London,Malaysia, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bhopal. Received 2 gold medals, more than 45 awards and honours, attended more than 20 national international camps, more than 36 solo exhibitions and group exhibitions.


Goutham.V - Born 1992, Received prestigious award and Gold Medal from KalanandPrafullaDahanukar art foundation for Installation 2018, completed Bachelors Degree from JNAFAU Hyderabad, Masters Degree from Kalabhavan, Santiniketan, participated in 5 group exhibitions, around 11 camps and workshops that include scrap welding camp, leather puppetry, Kondapalli toys, Docracasting, learnt pottery from his father V.Jayaprakash.


Jayaprakash.V - Born 1963. Acquired Bachelors degree from S.V College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad and Diploma in Master Pottery from Bhadravati, Maharashtra, held one solo exhibition at Hyderabad, around 20 group exhibitions and camps, taught in the college of Fine Arts, JNAFAU from 1989 to 2000, and teaching as visiting faculty in few schools at Hyderabad, received award from Hyderabad Art Society.

Kavita Deuskar

Kavita Deuskar - is a retired professor and head of the Painting Department of College of Fine Arts, JNTU Hyderabad, graduated in painting and did Sculpture course from Fine Arts and Architecture colleges of Hyderabad JNTU in 1965 & 66, later completed Mural and Fresco specialization at M.S.University of Baroda under the tutelage of K.G.Subramanyam, received many awards and honors that include Human resource fellowship, gold medal from Hyderabad Art society, International women's year, Streemela, attended around 20 camps and workshops that includes the ones with Prof. Paul Lingren of USA and Tony Martina of London. She has more than 70 group shows, 8 solo exhibitions, 8 awards to her credit.


Keerthi.K - Born 1981. Aquired Master Degree in Fine Arts from JNAFAU Hyderabad, participated in 3 group exhibitions and 6 achievement participations. Her work is exemplary to define 'What is Silence?'

Laxman Aelay

Laxman Aelay - Born 1964 graduated and post graduated from College of Fine Arts JNTU and JNAFAU Hyderabad, held 8 solo exhibitions, around 20 international group exhibitions and more than 100 national group exhibitions, attended around 25 camps and made short documentary films and has completed many prestigious projects for Govt.of Telangana and Art@Telangana trust.

Malavika Reddy

Malavika Reddy - Acquired Bachelors degree from Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.University of Baroda, held 4 solo exhibitions, around 8 group exhibitions at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Baroda, Pondicherry, Mumbai.

Priyanka Aelay

Priyanka Aelay - Born in 1990. Acquired Bachelors Degree from JNA&FAU Hyderabad, Masters in Fine Arts Degree from Central University of Hyderabad, pursuing Ph.D from Film studies and Visual Culture from English and Foreign languages University Hyderabad. Received 4 awards that include a gold medal in All India Painting competition, held 3 solo exhibitions, around 35 group exhibitions and camps at Hyderabad, Pune Texas, Boston in USA.

Parameswar Raju.P

Parameswar Raju.P - Born in 1961, educated in Tamilnadu and Maharashtra right from schooling to Master in Applied Arts with merits and distinct rankings. Exhibited widely at Brussels, Belgium, UK, USA, Shanghai, Spain, and at Biennale Beijing. Exhibited nationally at New Delhi and in collateral project at Kochi Biennale, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad, participated around 15 camps and workshops.

Rajasree Nayak

Rajasree Nayak - Born 1983. AquiredBachelors degree from JNAFAU Hyderabad, and MastersDegree in Print Making from Central University of Hyderabad. Held around 8 exhibitions in Goa, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, New Delhi. Attended 2 residencies and received 2 awards.

Rajeswar Rao. A

Rajeswar Rao. A - Graduted from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam in 1983 and post graduated from Central University of Hyderabad. He held 13 solo exhibitions in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, more than 30 group exhibitions, 5 awards, participated around 20 art camps, works are in many collections.

Rajeswar Rao. A

Raju .T - Born 1989. Aquired Bachelors Degree from Dept. of Fine Arts, Visakhapatnam, Masters Degree from Govt. College of Arts&Crafts, Kolkata. Participated in 44 group exhibitions in Kolkata, Ahmedabad,Baroda, Mumbai, New Delhi, Jodhpur, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Goa, Chennai, Lucknow, Kuwait. Received 4 fellowships that include Kanoriacentre, 7awards that include AIFACS award, 10 workshops, 2 residencies, participated inArt Fairs one at London and Jaipur Art Summit.


Ramani.M - AquiredMasters degree in Fine Arts from JNAFAU in 2017, three week course in Contemporary Art from Slade Art School,London, certificate course in painting and art appreciation course from ChitrakalaParishath ,Bangalore, pursues installations and performance art, won best choreographer and fashion designer award, attended various art camps, held one solo exhibition, several group exhibitions at Dubai, Mumbai at Andhra University and State Art Gallery, Hyderabad.

Ravikanth Masuram

Ravikanth Masuram - Born in 1980. Aquired Master Degree in Fine Arts from Central University of Hyderabad, held 11 solo exhibitions, more than 40 group exhibitions at South Africa, Malaysia, France, Dubai, Pondicherry, Chennai, Banglore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Jaipur, 25 art camps and workshops, 2 awards, Bordeux Residency program, France, around 27 awards right from childhood art learning days.

Sajid Bin Amar

Sajid Bin Amar - born in 1965, acquired Diploma in Painting from JNTU Hyderabad college of Fine Arts and Masters in Painting from Central University of Hyderabad, had 9 solo exhibitions, participated in 62 group exhibitions, received 3 awards, attended 40 camps and workshops.

Sai Sashank Dharna

Sai Sashank Dharna - AquiredMasters Degree in 2014 from JNA&FAU Hyderabad, held one soloexhibition, 15 group exhibitions participation in Lucknow, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, participated in 7 Art Camps, received 2 awards.

Sreekanth Kurva

Sreekanth Kurva - Born in 1965. AquiredBachelors Degree from JNAFAU Hyderabad, Masters Degree in Print Making from M.S.University of Baroda, 3 solo exhibitions, 35 group exhibitions and participations, New York, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Warangal, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai, Pune, Bhopal, Baroda, that include participation in Harmony art exhibition, Bombay Art Society participations, participated in 10 workshops, 12 awards and fellowships that include AIFACS and LalitkalaAkademy awards and fellowships.


Srinivas.Ch - Born in 1965. He is a photographer specializing in advertising, and Commercial Photography, studied photography from JNTU Collage of Fine Arts, Hyderabad. Sreenivas has a professional experience over two decades executing several prestigious assignments for advertising agencies. His photography has a frame of creativity along with photographing architecture and interiors. Thrice recipient of Adex award for photographer of the year, his works have also featured in various reputed magazines and journals.

Srinivasa Chary.K

Srinivasa Chary.K - Assistatnt Professor, Dept. of Painting and Sculpture at P.S.Teugu University Hyderabad. Aquired Diploma from JNTU college of Fine Arts Hyderabad, Masters in Fine Arts from Central University Hyderabad, and awarded M.Phil from P.S.Telugu University, trained in Mural painting and Jaipur Fresco painting from BanasthaliVidyapeeth, Jaipur, had 7 solo exhibitions, 50 group exhibitions, attended 23 camps and workshops, recieved11 awards and honors. Lives and works in Hyderabad.

Sudhakar Chippa

Sudhakar Chippa - Graduated from JNTU Hyderabad and Post Diploma specialization in Print making from M.S.University of Baroda. He exhibited in 12 solo exhibitions, 19 group exhibitions, 22 national and international invited participations, received 10 scholarships and awards that includes Kanoria center Ahmedabad fellowship and Bendre -Hussain award of Mumbai, attended 22 national and international camps. He established his studios at the outskirts of Hyderabad, encourages young and needy students and supports them.

Uday Bhaskar.P

Uday Bhaskar.P - Born 1981. Aquired Masters in Fine Arts from JNAFAU Hyderabad, participated in 9 group exhibitions, 2 art camps.

Vaikuntham Thota

Vaikuntham Thota - was born 1942 holds diploma from Hyderabad in 1970, won Lalit Kala Akademy award to study painting and print making from M.S.University of Baroda under the tutelage of K.G.Subramanyam, he participated in many national and international exhibitions and camps and workshops, receive...


Vysali.K - Born in 1990. Aquired Bachelors degree from Andhra University Visakhapatnam, Masters from SantiniketanW.Bengal. Held 27 group exhibition participations at Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Lucknow, Chennai, Baroda, Ahmedabad, attended 4 workshops, 2 awards that include PrafullaDahanukarKalanand Award, participated in Art Summit Jaipur, International Art Summit Taiwan.



Confetti 2018
MARCH 11 TO APRIL 01 | 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

Gallery78, Road No 3, Near HITEX / Novotel Gate
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Confetti 2018

Come join us in our very first edition of celebrating art and artistry. This is our tribute to some exceptionally talented artists from a variety of visual & performance space.

We have compiled together works from traditional painting to modern sculpturing, there by creating an exciting amalgamation of artistic expression going beyond the usual.

Confetti 2018 Catalogue

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Call us: +91 98480 25184 or exhibitions@gallery78.com

Master Stokes

We are happy to showcase two amazing artists. This we were looking forward to with great longing. The exhibition presents a visual treat with a dual stylistic presentation for the art lovers of Hyderabad.

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Portrait of a Culture

Come join us in our very first edition of celebrating art and artistry. This is our tribute to some exceptionally talented artists from a variety of visual & performance space.

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Gallery 78

Gallery78, Road No 3, Near HITEX / Novotel Gate , Hyderabad 500084

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